My loss and long story.. Need prayers please

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My loss and long story.. Need prayers please

Postby AlwaysAuntDawnie » Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:06 am

Hello Everyone,
I found this website a few days ago and it has helped so much to read others that have gone through the same as me..

Let me start off by saying I am 40 years young and only started thinking about having a child about 3 years ago..Well I have always wanted children but decided to pick the professional world over family..

My husband and I courted for 16 years.. Had too many other things going on in life to stop and smell the flowers.. Time went by so fast and it actually took me getting laid off from work to stop and think.. "Hey, we forgot to get married and start that family we used to talk about".. Well at 36 we got married and start trying to have a child..

Wouldnt you know it, it wasnt working.. I figured it was my age, Im slightly over weight, and I have Diabetes.. So we were referred to a Fertility doctor, "The best in the biz".. (So they said)

I took the HSG test and both of my tubes were totally clogged.. He said there would be NO WAY we would get pregnant without his help but he didnt like my blood sugar numbers and said to come back when they are lower.. So I go on the diet and get an Endo who thinks I have a thyriod problem and I go for this radioactive test to light up the thyroid to see whats going on (meanwhile I have NO symptoms of any thyroid probloem) and one day out of no where.. I get these annoying hives after the test.. Like I want to pull my skin off.. We go to the Emergancy room and the hospital doctor there says, Well congrats!!! Your pregnant.. I say, YEAH RIGHT, your on crack.. He says your beta numbers are through the roof your very pregnant.. I think OH NO PLEASE NO!!!! I took that test, 3 weeks ago I took a Radioactive pill to have the test to light up my thyroid.. Which in return would not be a good thing if I was pregnant.. So, I went to my OB the next day and he says Im 10 weeks pregnant and this over whelming feeling of OH MY GOODNESS, Im gonna be a mommy =) and then he says.. "You should go right now to a prenatal doctor" (which is his friend), "you may have to
terminate due to the radioactive pill your endo gave you".. WHAT? WAIT! I just found out Im pregnant, wait I have the sono pictures in my hand.. I see the baby!!.. And your going to take it away now????
Cant be.. So my hubby and I rush to this doctor, 2 weeks worth of going through meds, tests and other things Ive done during the past 10 weeks and he finally comes out with.. "Dawn, the only thing you should be planning for is a college fund"
Im so happy, I cant even explain how happy.. Rose red checks and life is GOOD right now..
Until my 16 week sono.. I go in, everyone is so happy to see me, Im walking on my tippie toes cause Im so happy and the sono begins and the wonderful woman performing the test says.. OH NO!!! I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!!! And I figure ok maybe something is wrong with the machine.. The prenatal doctor comes back and tries the sono.. He says the words I'll never forget in his tone of voice.. "Im sorry Dawn, the baby seems to have stopped breathing.." The WHAT!!!! Oh no... My heart sounds like its pumping in my ear.. My face gets hotter then a fire work.. And BAM!!! I lost my first child at 39 years old.. no less 2 weeks after I lost my mother who was only 63 years old.. Life has ended... Sigh...,
So Im very very sorry this story was long but I think I needed to get this all out.. See, this only happened December 22nd.. And its been 2 months and the doctors are saying to try again.. I do not want any medical help to get pregnant.. Either god is going to let me get pregnant naturally or it wasnt meant to be...
No less I had to have a D&E and I was NOT supposed to be told what it was, and 2 weeks after the operation when I called to see if everything went ok with the operation. The lady who answered the phone told my by accident it was a baby girl.. And my heart stopped.. Now, Sunday my sister who is 18 years younger then me, text me that she was rushed to the hospital and by her surprise had an emergancy c section and had a baby girl!! 9 months never knew she was pregnant and had a girl.. God works in wonderful ways doesnt he =) The baby is doing great and so is mommy..

So Im asking for prayers.. For a child of my own.. I say that because I have 13 nieces and nephews who all think I am their mother and love me to pieces.. But.. Im looking for that one love in my heart.. One of my own..
So if anyone has advice, or a pray or something to help my believe this could all work out again.. Please, I would love a response..
Thank you for listening and I pray we ALL have our prayers answered =)
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Re: My loss and long story.. Need prayers please

Postby twportugal » Sat Apr 16, 2011 7:21 pm

I read your story and I am so sorry for your loss. I will say prayers that you are able to conceive again and have a healthy, happy pregnancy. God bless you!
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