Pending Adoption

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Pending Adoption

Postby AnnaMaria » Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:02 am

Good morning..
My husband and I are planning to adopt a child. Our birthmother is delivering this Sunday the 20th. She realizes that this is the best thing not only for her child, but also for herself. She is not in a position at this point in her life to raise a child.
I am asking for prayers to keep her safe not only during the delivery, but also afterwards. I pray that she gets the helps she needs and gets her life back on track surrounded by people that love, respect and will take care of her. I would also like prayers for a healthy baby. Finally, I would also like prayers to give the birthmother the strength to realize that she is doing the right thing and know that we will love and cherish this child and raise her in a loving safe home full of love and faith.

I have been praying to Saint Gerard and the Holy Mother.
All of your love and support would be greatly appreciated.
May the Lord keep you safe in his love and continue blessings upon all of you.

thank you.
Anna maria
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