Praying for a miracle

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Praying for a miracle

Postby avamarie » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:24 pm

Hello, my name is Niccole Noblitt and I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with our 5th child, Ava Marie. We have 3 living children, as we lost our son Francis Martin on May 10, 2009, he was 11 weeks and 1 day and passed away early on Mother's Day morning of SIDS. Such a devastating loss, it took us quite some time before we were able to fathom having another child, 16months passed and we finally both agreed to try again. We were blessed to be pregnant right away, and were getting really excited as I was nearing the 12 week mark. In order to ease my anxiety of my pregnancy my O.B. talked me into extra testing I had never had before, this required a level 2 ultrasound at 12 weeks. Excited of our future, and not having any previous pregnancy issues, my husband and I were very excited for this appointment. As they say, our bubble was quickly burst! The ultrasound tech found a 5mm cystic hygroma on the back of our baby's neck. We were immediately whisked into a conference room where we were told we had a 33% chance that nothing was wrong, of the things that could be wrong 3 of 5 were fatal. We were devastated, I immediately began grieving. We did some chromosomal testing and waited an excruciating 2 days for results. When the phone call came I was frozen as I heard the women tell me how sorry she was, our baby had Trisomy 18, a totally fatal genetic disorder, I had a 50% chance to miscarry until 20 weeks. How can this be, this was supposed to be our happiness out of our darkness that we faced for so long after the death of our son! 10 days after we received this news they called us with a full chromosomal workup, which was even more devastating, our baby had full T18, which means a full third chromosome on the 18th line, and it was present in 100% of the cells they collected. The genetic counselor also asked us if we wanted to know the babies sex, as they could see all chromosomes and could tell, we found out our baby never to be was a girl. I have continued to struggle with the diagnosis of our precious Ava Marie, and I know if we knew God's purpose for these precious babies we would never ask for them to be saved, but yet I find myself praying for her survival. I just recently heard of Saint Gerard and was given a 1st degree relic of Saint Gerard which I plan to say several 9 day novena's with. In my heart I know that her life is not meant to be, my main hope and prayer is that she survives birth and is able to be baptized, as well as meet her brother and sisters. I already know she has a brother in heaven that will greet her with open and loving arms. I am hoping by reaching out to others with Ava's story it will mean that many more people praying for at least her safe arrival. Thank you for taking the time to read this very lengthy introduction to our precious Ava Marie.
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