Prayers Needed Its Never Enough

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Prayers Needed Its Never Enough

Postby BabyNils » Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:33 pm

My Name is Letty Nilsen and my Husband and myself have been ttc for over a year. I was diagnosed with PCOS and have not been able to get pregnant on my own nor with 3 cycles of clomid previously. I began doing injections to help my follicles on 3/29/2010 and now 13 days later my follicles are growing nicely and I will possibly be doing my IUI over the weekend or this coming Monday. I was told about St. Gerard through a friend of mine that purchased the St Gerard cloth for me and I am waiting for it to arrive. I have been praying very hard and asking God to hear my hearts desire and now I ask St. Gerard in the name of God and Jesus Christ to please listen to my prayers. Please pray for me that my body continues to respond in the manner that it has the last 2 weeks. May God bless Dr. Manko who will be performing my procedure and whos care I have been on since July. I pray for all the women who are like me and are trying to be mothers that God hears their prayers and answers them as well. I know how hard it can be. I pray and give thanks every day for my wonderful husband that without his love and support I dont know how I would have made it this far. Please pray for me that my IUI procedure is a sucess and that God may bless me with a baby in the next few weeks.
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Postby cdcarter » Fri Apr 09, 2010 7:34 am

You and your husband will be in my prayers. Please keep us posted.

We finally made #3 after 49 cycles of TTC and more or less coming to terms with the idea of no more children!
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